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What Sound is a Small Toronto based Label offering expertise as an independent record label, management, merchandiser and publisher worldwide.
Focused on Growing With Each other.

explore. create. inspire.


capture your passion

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Starting What Sound came from simply wanting to do great deals with bands and work with our friends. It’s that need to grow and experience high’s and low’s with some amazing people. It comes from seeing your parents struggle to raise their kids and you wanting a better life for your friends and family, it comes from having this need to consistently feel like you are making a change no matter how minor, it comes from everything and comes out in the love of music, the love of rock and fucking roll. This is our love and we are sharing it with you.


Artist Mangement

Well take care of all your needs from finding shows to copy rights and everything in-between!


Custom art for your Album/Shirts/Posters/Gear

Lets Get to Work!

Join us At What Sound and Lets get your Music out there for the world to Hear!

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